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Monday, 12 February, 2007

Ladakhi vocabulary 1

Nowadays most Ladakhis, mainly in Leh town, understand and speak urdu/hindi or English. However, learning some ladakhi will bring you closer to the people and help you a lot, especially in villages.
Few words and their pronounciation vary accross Ladakh, however, most people will still understand the following expressions.

ju-le [dju-lay] - hello, good morning, please, goodbye
"le" is an honorific, polite particle added to the end of words, names and sentences to show respect to the listener. In a less fornal style, can be replace by "he".

Khoda hafiz - Urdu word used by Muslims to say Goodbye
("God protect you")

ot-ju(he) / ot-ju-le - Thank you

Bakhshish* - Thank you (in Kargil region / Suru valley)

ju-ju - Please (insisting)

Khamzang ina-le ? - Are you well ?

Theek ina-(le) / theek yoda ? - How are you ?

kasa(-le) / o(-le) - Yes, okay, i agree.

Man(-le) - No

Ha-go-a ? - Do you understand ?

Ha-go / Ha-ma-go - I understand / I don't understand

dik dik / dik-le (polite) - That's enough

dig-a ? - Is it enough / okay ?

chenna ! - Let's go !

ltoks-a rak - I'm hungry

tagi - bread

bato - rice

tagi yoda / duga ? - Is there some bread ?

duk / mi-ruk - there is [some] / there isn't [any]

kharji - food

cha / solja (honorific) - tea
namkin / gurgur cha - butter tea

Chi song ? - What happen ?

Chi lo ? - What "said" ? (What did you/he/she say ?)

tangmo rak - it's cold

tchu-skol khyong ! - Bring boiled water !

dul-a mi-ruk - It's not working

thore / askya (in Kargil region) - Tomorrow

ngatok / ngarmo (Kargil) - Morning

Phitok - Evening

tshan - Night

gyokhspa / dakhsa* - soon / now

Nam - When

Nam lokste yong-at-a ? - When will you come back

Nga gyokhspa lokste yong-at - I'm coming back soon

* in most cases, 'kh' is pronounced "rrh" like German "acht" or Arabic "Khaled". However, when followed by a vowel, it's sometimes pronounced 'k', like in "khyong" (bring).


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